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The Covid - 19 Crisis

A Divine perspective of what God is doing in the midst of the worldwide pandemic


Faith Training Seminar

The Faith Training Seminar seeks to answer the question: "Why Does God not heal anymore?" 


The Mystery Of Christ

Following the Life of Christ from Genesis to Revelation


A course is Citizenship and Ethics designed to return American to greatness

   Reigning with Christ

A course designed to qualify believers to rule and reign with Christ

     The Bill Nye Lies

When debating Ken Ham, Bill Nye at a loss for words, kept repeating the same old lies over and over again. 

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      Christian Unity

The Old Testament Temple holds the key to both Christian maturity and Christian Unity. 


The Book of Revelation

Types and Shadows hidden in the Old Testament paint us a very clear timeline of the end times. 

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  An Appeal to Heaven

A Biblical and historical testimony of those who changed their nations by appealing to the Supreme Judge

   Praying For Justice

Join us as we Appeal to the Supreme Judge of the Universe for Divine Justice.

Rise and Fall of America

Learn how America was incrementally transformed from a Constitutional Republic to a totalitarian police state

     America Unhinged

Comparing present day thought with biblical reality. 

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        Headline Christian News

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